Cosmetic Surgery at St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute

At St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute, we have the expertise to improve appearance while opening up a patient’s field of vision. With aging, the upper eyelid begins to sag as tissues soften and muscles around the eye weaken. The upper eyelid may even droop into a patient’s field of vision, making it difficult to see. Besides this, a person with a drooping upper eyelid may feel they look puffy, tired or angry.

A surgical treatment called a blepharoplasty improves the field of vision while providing a more youthful appearance. An incision is made in the fold of the upper eye and excess skin is trimmed away. As the incision is closed, the eyelid is tightened and smoothed.


What to Consider Before Deciding on Eyelid Surgery

There are many surgeons who perform plastic surgery but not all of them have detailed knowledge of the structures around the eye. And not all of them are comfortable doing surgical procedures around the eyes. Dr. John Michaelos, MD, is one of Tampa Bay’s most expert and experienced choices for cosmetic and eyelid surgery. As a specialist in eye surgery, Dr. Michaelos will protect your sight while improving your field of vision and appearance.

It’s strongly recommended to stop smoking or drinking weeks before the surgery, and to avoid aspirin, ibuprofen or any other medication that could increase bleeding.


Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Patients undergoing a blepharoplasty are encouraged to take two full weeks off from work. The first few days, they should rest and apply cold packs to the eye area to reduce swelling. While sleeping, they should elevate their heads and remain on their backs.

Stitches are removed after a week and swelling should subside within seven to ten days. It’s advisable to avoid excessive time watching television or using a computer, and sunglasses should be worn when going outside. After two weeks, the patient can start resuming usual activities and at six weeks, they will begin to see the desired results of their eyelid surgery.

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