Glaucoma Treatment Clearwater FL

Glaucoma Treatment Available for Residents of Clearwater, FL

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve, often as a result of abnormally high eye pressure. It is one of the leading causes of blindness for people over age 60. It’s important to know that glaucoma progresses painlessly and many forms of glaucoma have no warning signs. Unfortunately, you may not notice a change in vision until the condition has reached an advanced stage. At St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute, we recommend regular eye exams that include measurements of your eye pressure so that a diagnosis can be made early and your condition treated appropriately. As one of the most trusted eye clinics for residents of Clearwater, Florida, we provide comprehensive eye exams and effective glaucoma treatment that can include surgery.

Detecting & Diagnosing Glaucoma

To test for glaucoma, your doctor will visually examine the optic nerve and use a special device to view the structures at the front of the eye to evaluate its ability to drain fluids properly. Your eye pressure will be tested along with your peripheral vision.


Treating Glaucoma

Glaucoma treatment often starts with prescription eyedrops to reduce eye pressure. Some patients may need more than one type of medicated drops. If medication fails to reduce eye pressure, laser treatment may be needed to improve the eye’s drainage channels and, thus, its ability to drain fluids. Depending on your situation, your treatment options may also include a combination of prescription eyedrops, oral medications, and laser treatment.

Glaucoma Treatment at St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute

Since 1961, we have performed successful glaucoma treatment on thousands of patients with different forms of the condition. Furthermore, our doctors are experts in laser treatment for glaucoma. If you’re a Clearwater resident over age 40 with a family history of glaucoma, please don’t hesitate to contact St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute. As a family-owned eye care clinic, we offer friendly, personalized consultations.