LASIK Seminole FL

Residents of Seminole Can Get LASIK Vision Correction at This World-Class Clinic

No doubt, you have heard the term “LASIK vision correction,” but what is it exactly? LASIK stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis. In plain language, this means that a highly specialized laser is used to reshape the cornea, which is the clear covering over your iris and pupil. The result? Dramatically improved vision. In fact, many patients achieve 20/15 vision or better. By changing the refractive characteristics of the eye in the same way that glasses and contacts do, LASIK allows light entering the eye to be properly focused onto the retina. At St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute, we have a 100% success rate with LASIK. As a resident of Seminole, Florida, you enjoy ready access to world-class eye care for our skilled ophthalmologists because we’re based in Largo, right up the road from your corner of Tampa Bay.

Say Goodbye to Glasses

LASIK surgery can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, and can free you from dependence on glasses or contacts. It’s also a safe and painless outpatient procedure with a low rate of complications. Gritty, scratchy, or itchy eyes are common afterward, but that often goes away completely within a few days. Many patients are able to drive within a week, and vision continues to improve and stabilize over the next three to six months.


We Also Perform Epi-LASIK

St. Michael’s Eye & Laser offers epi-LASIK to some patients who are not good candidates for LASIK. Epi-LASIK is an updated version of LASIK that results in reduced eye discomfort and faster healing. To find out if you are a good candidate for any of these laser eye surgeries, contact St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute to schedule an appointment. We welcome patients from all neighborhoods in Seminole.