Trusted Eyecare Clinic Offers LASIK Surgery for St. Pete Beach, FL, Residents

LASIK Is a Safe, Outpatient Procedure

LASIK surgery has corrected the vision of more than 8 million Americans since it was introduced in 1992. This quick and safe outpatient surgery reshapes the cornea to correct near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism, altering the refractive characteristics of the eyes in the same way that glasses and contacts do. If you’re a St. Pete Beach, Florida, resident who is tired of wearing glasses or contacts, consider LASIK surgery at St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute. Named an Alcon Center of Excellence for our leading-edge use of vision technology, St. Michael’s has a 100% success rate with LASIK, and many of our patients have achieved 20/15 vision or better.

What to Expect from LASIK Surgery

LASIK is relatively painless, with a low rate of complications. After the procedure, your eyes may feel gritty, scratchy, or itchy, but these sensations usually go away within a few days. Usually, patients experience improved vision immediately after the procedure, but your doctor will likely recommend that you use eye drops regularly for a while following surgery to reduce inflammation and ensure a smooth recovery.

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We Also Perform Epi-LASIK

Epi-LASIK is an updated version of LASIK that results in reduced eye discomfort and faster healing. It provides more stability for the cornea and is a better alternative for some patients, especially those. If you live in the St. Pete Beach, FL, area and would like to be evaluated for LASIK or Epi-LASIK, contact St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute to schedule an appointment.