My wife bought me EPI-LASIK at St. Michael’s Eye and Laser for Christmas, and I now see 20/20 without my contacts which is amazing! Wonderful gift from St. Michael’s and my wife!

Nicolas, F.


I went to St. Michael’s Eye and Laser Institute with a lump on my eyelid, I thought was a zit, Dr. John did some tests on me. Later I found out I had brain cancer, and he referred me to have emergency surgery, the neurosurgeon told me it was a miracle that my eye doctor had found it and that if he had not, I would not have lived more than a week or two.
Dr. John Saved My Life!


I had my eyelids done and that old lady in the mirror doesn’t look as bad anymore…

Heather W.

Eyelid Patient

Dr. John Michaelos did my cataract surgery and now I no longer need my glasses which I have worn for more than 30 years. He has blessed me with the gift of sight!

Rhonda L.

Cataract Surgery Patient