CLE for St. Petersburg & Clearwater, FLGlasses and contact lenses cost you more than dollars. The time and hassle of cleaning smudges or dealing with a backward lens is cumbersome and complicates many activities such as swimming or running. Clear lens exchange (CLE), or refractive lens exchange, offers freedom from corrective eyewear using intraocular lens implants (IOLs) in those who may not qualify for LASIK or PRK.

St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute offers several IOL options designed to provide clear vision for near, intermediate and far away distances. Our Ophthalmologists will discuss your options and help you decide which IOL is suitable for you during your eye exam and consultation at our Largo office.

What Is CLE?

Clear lens exchange is like cataract surgery in that the eye surgeon removes the natural eye lens and replaces it with an IOL. With CLE, switching the natural crystalline lens with an IOL is done solely to improve eyesight. The CLE procedure is quick, easy and offers nearly immediate vision improvement. This option enhances vision for people who don’t qualify for LASIK eye surgery due to thin corneas, dry eye syndrome or severely poor eyesight.

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CLE Benefits

There are many benefits of CLE, including:

  • Freedom from prescription glasses and contact lenses
  • Eliminate the risk for future cataracts because the natural lens is removed
  • Prevent or stop the process of presbyopia— the hardening of the eye lens as you age
  • Never spend money on repairing glasses or replacing lost contact lenses again

Is CLE Right for You?

Clear Lens Exchange for St. Petersburg & Clearwater, FLPremium IOLs can address high degrees of farsightedness that LASIK or PRK eye surgeries cannot. These implants offer more options for people who are too old for laser surgery but too young for cataract surgery. Older individuals who want a more active lifestyle without worrying about glasses will enjoy the freedom that comes with CLE. The ideal CLE patient is over 50 years of age and farsighted with blurry up-close vision. People with mild astigmatism or cataracts are good candidates, but significant astigmatism may be untreatable through CLE.

Your ocular health plays a vital role in CLE candidacy. It is best to have healthy eyes free from macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and corneal problems. Certain medical conditions may rule out this procedure as well, such as uncontrolled diabetes.

Premium IOL Options

Choosing the right IOL for your clear lens exchange is crucial for reaching perfect or near-perfect vision. Multifocal lenses offer better eyesight for up-close and distant objects. Accommodative lens implants work well for people who drive at night or often find themselves in low-lighting environments. PanOptix Trifocal lens offers better vision at near, intermediate and distant focal points, as well as brighter, more vivid eyesight. Ultimately, the right lens implant for your CLE procedure depends on your lifestyle. Our Ophthalmologists will discuss all of your options during your exam.

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