I went to St. Michael’s Eye and Laser Institute with a lump on my eyelid, I thought was a zit, Dr. John did some tests on me. Later I found out I had brain cancer, and he referred me to have emergency surgery, the neurosurgeon told me it was a miracle that my eye doctor had found it and that if he had not, I would not have lived more than a week or two. Dr. John Saved My Life!


Dr. John Michaelos did my cataract surgery and now I no longer need my glasses which I have worn for more than 30 years. He has blessed me with the gift of sight!


My wife bought me EPI-LASIK at St. Michael’s Eye and Laser for Christmas, and I now see 20/20 without my contacts which is amazing! Wonderful gift from St. Michael’s and my wife!


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Dear Dr. John, I have tried to write this letter to you several times, but how do you thank someone for your sight? I finally thought, what better time to tell someone of the wonderful gift they gave you. I know that if I had not been referred to you by a cornea specialist in Tampa in the early morning hours last February and you had not agreed to see me immediately, I would not have my eyesight now. When I was rushed from the emergency room, as they could not help me, to a cornea specialist in Tampa, she said “that my eye was too damaged for her to handle and that there were only a few doctors in the State of Florida that could care for me, but you were the Best.” She picked you over a doctor in Tampa, where I live. I really don’t remember much of my first meeting with you. I was in such severe pain. I do remember that your office was not opened yet, but you had my husband drive me there anyway and you opened up for me. When my friends hear of the treatment you gave me, they are truly in awe. After you immediately put me in the hospital for two days, when I was released, you saw me every day for six weeks, even Saturdays & Sundays when your office was closed. Sometimes in order for you to see me on surgery days, you had to see me before 7:00 a.m. When my friends hear that you gave up a week’s vacation in Puerto Rico, as you would not leave me, they cannot believe it. We are not used to this type of treatment from doctors, who normally pass off to an associate. I am so grateful to you and your staff. Any time I felt I had an emergency, called your office; I was put through to you almost immediately, day or night, week day or weekend, and you would have me meet you back at your office. When I was discouraged you and your staff picked me up. And, I can tell you that I really had to trust you. After the first shot to my eye, to sit there and let you do it again many more times took having faith in you, knowing not only did you have the skills to do it, but you would not have done it unless you had no other choice. Even though I am still treating with you, I have my sight, and in fact, I can see without glasses or contacts. That is better than before most people don’t even notice the scar tissue on my eye. I will always be grateful to you. Sincerely,


Dr. John Michaelos did my cataract surgery and my eyelid surgery I no longer need to wear glasses and my eyes look like I am 20 years younger. He is an extremely skilled surgeon and I have the utmost respect for him. My wife is now getting her eyelids done next, her cataracts are still baby cataracts and don’t need to be done yet, but when they need to she will be going to St. Michael’s and seeing Dr. John. Best Eye Doctor in Tampa Bay hands down


Dr. John and wonderful staff, Thank You so much for your kindness and magnificent surgery.


Excellent service. Doctors and staffs are very professional,helpful and friendly. They are the only people I would trust to take care of my eyes. 5 stars! I highly recommend them!


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I’ve been seeing Dr. John for four years for routine eye care and also specialized eye care as I’m getting older, age 63. (glaucoma prevention, blephoplasty, and ectropian repair). I am very happy with him and the staff at St. Michael’s. I’ve had 2 eye lid surgeries performed on each eye by Dr. John with absolutely amazing results. Very caring and attentive service and highly experienced and skilled eye surgeon. I highly recommend this clinic for all your eye care.


Thank you for taking such good care of my mom Claudia, and her cousin Recie.


Dear Dr. John,’You light up my life!’ Everything is bright and beautiful and it is possible thanks to you, St. Michael’s and God. We SO much appreciate your excellence and personal care! Again thank you! With Love


A few months ago I had “eyelid surgery.” I still can’t believe I did it. My wife laughed when I said “man, my eyelids are droopy” she laughed and said “uh yeah, Really Bad.” I’m a big time coward, I was scared to death. I researched many local surgeons and I’m glad I picked Dr. Michaelos. I had zero pain, before, during or after. Almost no swelling. You definitely have some bruises but in no time it’s gone. I told Dr. Michaelos he could use my “before & after” pics because the results were that good.


Dr. Michaelos goes above and beyond! Yes you may have to wait a bit, but in what Drs office do you not. I came in years ago with glass in my eye and Dr. Michaelos found I had pre-pigmentary glaucoma, I was only 26 at the time. He did a B/L laser eye surgery instead of having to use drops daily that wouldn’t allow me to drive at night or see well in dark lit areas. He also found my inability to read was from drooping eyelids so my muscles were tired and my eyes were unable to follow each other. Wish I’d known this in school! So I wear reading glasses now (even with perfect vision without glasses) what a difference I can read a page and know what I read, not having to read the page 20x over. Just recently at 36 my eyelids are drooping more and we are investigating whether or not I need a Blepharoplasty, if medically necessary, to correct and resolve my functional issues since I’m now having trouble driving at night bc my eyes get extremely tired fast, even when reading or just in general. Special Thanks to all the staff and especially to Dr. Michaelos for caring enough. We need more Drs like this that pay attention to each patients individual needs!!