Our Services

Cataract Surgery

While cataracts are quite common, most are also quite treatable. Ask us how we can prevent cataracts from dimming your vision.

Lasik Surgery

LASIK surgery has restored clear vision to millions. Now, epi-LASIK is even more effective and safe.

Cosmetic Surgery

When planning cosmetic surgery near the eyes, your best choice is the surgeon that’s expert and experienced at providing eye surgery.


The world-class doctors at St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute can fit you for glasses or contact lenses to correct astigmatism, or provide surgical correction for this problem.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Repeatedly or chronically dry eyes can end up creating irritation, infections, ulcers or even scars. Ask us how to prevent these problems.


It’s essential to catch signs of glaucoma as early as possible, before it can permanently damage your sight.

Cornea Center

Protecting your corneas from infection or injury is essential for preserving your problem-free eyesight.

St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute

Founded in 1961 St. Michael’s Eye and Laser Institute has provided the best eye care to patients in the Tampa Bay area by treating patients like family. Equipped with state of the art facility and technology our team is able to help treat all eye care diseases from the cornea to the retina.

Our campus also is equipped with a AAAHC Ambulatory Surgical center equipped with the latest surgical equipment which allows us to perform surgeries to eliminate patients’ needs of glasses or contacts.

Our Doctors

St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute conducts a number of clinical studies designed to advance the field of vision care and develop new technologies and treatments.


“Dr. Michaelos goes above and beyond! Yes you may have to wait a bit, but in what Drs office do you not. I came in years ago with glass in my eye and Dr. Michaelos found I had pre-pigmentary glaucoma, I was only 26 at the time. He did a B/L laser eye surgery instead of having to use drops daily that wouldn’t allow me to drive at night or see well in dark lit areas. He also found my inability to read was from drooping eyelids so my muscles were tired and my eyes were unable to follow each other. Wish I’d known this in school! So I wear reading glasses now (even with perfect vision without glasses) what a difference I can read a page and know what I read, not having to read the page 20x over. Just recently at 36 my eyelids are drooping more and we are investigating whether or not I need a Blepharoplasty, if medically necessary, to correct and resolve my functional issues since I’m now having trouble driving at night bc my eyes get extremely tired fast, even when reading or just in general. Special Thanks to all the staff and especially to Dr. Michaelos for caring enough. We need more Drs like this that pay attention to each patients individual needs!!”

Gina H.

Tampa, FL

“A few months ago I had “eyelid surgery.” I still can’t believe I did it. My wife laughed when I said “man, my eyelids are droopy” she laughed and said “uh yeah, Really Bad.” I’m a big time coward, I was scared to death. I researched many local surgeons and I’m glad I picked Dr. Michaelos. I had zero pain, before, during or after. Almost no swelling. You definitely have some bruises but in no time it’s gone. I told Dr. Michaelos he could use my “before & after” pics because the results were that good.”

Jim R.

Clearwater, FL

Dear Dr. John,’You light up my life!’ Everything is bright and beautiful and it is possible thanks to you, St. Michael’s and God. We SO much appreciate your excellence and personal care! Again thank you! With Love,

Melba, S.

Clearwater, FL

“Thank you for taking such good care of my mom Claudia, and her cousin Recie.”

Katrina C.

Largo, FL

“I’ve been seeing Dr. John for four years for routine eye care and also specialized eye care as I’m getting older, age 63. (glaucoma prevention, blephoplasty, and ectropian repair). I am very happy with him and the staff at St. Michael’s. I’ve had 2 eye lid surgeries performed on each eye by Dr. John with absolutely amazing results. Very caring and attentive service and highly experienced and skilled eye surgeon. I highly recommend this clinic for all your eye care.”

Carole H.

Largo, FL