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Reasons to Have LASIK Sooner Than Later

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For many years, patients in the Tampa Bay area have trusted St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute to correct refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism with LASIK so that they can reduce their dependence on prescription lenses. These patients are grateful and usually express one regret: they just wish they had had the surgery sooner! In this blog, lead ophthalmologist Dr. John Michaelos and his team of outstanding eye doctors explain why postponing refractive surgery is not the right choice. 


Although results can differ, most LASIK patients enjoy the benefits of the surgery the rest of their lives. Since LASIK results are indefinite, you do not need to worry about choosing the “perfect” time to improve your eyesight. Postponing the surgery simply means you will need to go about daily life with eyeglasses or contact lenses for longer. If you know you intend to make this change eventually, why not start reaping the rewards now?


Eye doctors generally recommend having LASIK between the ages of 20 and 40. Prior to age 20, your prescription may not have stabilized. After 40, your eyes are more likely to develop certain age-related eye disorders that can make LASIK less beneficial. However, other than being at least 18, there is no formal age requirement for LASIK. Patients who are middle aged and older safely undergo LASIK every day — in fact, some do not even have vision problems that would warrant LASIK until later in life.

At St Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute, our eye doctors confirm candidates on an individual basis, regardless of age, during a consultation. With that said, if you know you intend to get LASIK someday, it makes sense to do it earlier rather than later so that you are more likely to qualify for the surgery. 


Admittedly, LASIK is not an inexpensive procedure. However, it can still be a wise financial decision in the long term. Since LASIK is permanent, you can start to compare the cost of surgery to costs of prescription eyewear over an extended period. For example, LASIK is usually less expensive than 25 years of disposable contact lenses.

In the meantime, every year you spend money on new glasses frames or contacts is money you would not have to spend if you already had LASIK surgery. If the upfront costs are what’s holding you back from getting LASIK right now, come speak to the friendly team in our office. We accept financing options through CareCredit that allow you to make payments toward the total cost of your surgery.


The bottom line is this: while you should wait until you feel comfortable and ready to have refractive surgery, if you are a procrastinator by nature, the reasons it makes sense to have LASIK sooner than later, are clear. To schedule a consultation with the experts at our Largo, FL office, book online or call 727-858-2200.

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