Lens Implant Surgery for Patients in the Tampa Bay Area

Lens implant surgery is a procedure to replace the lens of the eye with a synthetic lens, which is called an intraocular lens implant. The chief goal of the procedure is to correct vision, but it can also improve appearance, particularly if the eye’s natural lens was clouded due to a cataract. When lens implant surgery is performed to replace a clouded lens, the procedure is also known as cataract surgery.

At St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute in Largo, Florida, we have performed thousands of lens implantation surgeries since our founding in 1961. With their implanted lenses, our patients not only once again enjoy reading and watching TV, but they can also shop, take medications, and drive at night free of blurred vision or glare.

A Safe Outpatient Procedure

Our surgeons perform cataract removal with lens implantation on an outpatient basis. As one of the most common eye surgeries in the United States, it’s typically done under local anesthesia and is usually painless. Surgery is performed on one eye at a time, and the entire procedure takes less than an hour. We often allow patients to return home within a few hours after the surgery is completed.

You may notice immediate improvement in vision. For recovery, you will need to protect your eye for up to a week and use prescription eye drops to prevent infection. Typically, our patients have fully recovered from lens implant surgery after about a month.

If you don’t like the way you look because of a cataract and you’re experiencing difficulties carrying out your normal activities, lens implantation may be an ideal treatment solution. To find out for sure, contact St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute. We offer patients friendly, personalized consultations to determine whether lens implant surgery is the right treatment option.

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