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Don’t Rent Great Vision: LASIK Is the More Affordable Option Long Term

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LASIK, eyeglasses, contact lenses — how can you determine which is right for you? There are many vision correction options available today, so it can be difficult to figure out the best option for your circumstances and long-term vision goals. While glasses and contact lenses can help you see better, there are associated costs that rack up over time. LASIK is a long-term solution that can improve your vision while saving you money in the long term versus other vision correction options. The eye doctors at St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute want all patients to experience crisp vision that improves their quality of life. Ahead, they discuss how LASIK can help patients save money over time.

Cost Factors

Convenience: Some patients enjoy the convenience of having glasses in multiple locations for their convenience, especially with reading glasses. Having a pair that remains on their desks at work, prescription sunglasses that stay in their cars, and a pair at home can offer patients the convenience of clear vision when needed, without having to keep up with the location of their glasses.

Spare glasses and contacts: If eyeglasses get damaged or lost, having a spare pair is necessary until the broken pair can get repaired. Likewise, losing a contact lens is never fun, especially when you must open and use a new pack of lenses to continue seeing clearly, which can mean the added expense of repurchasing more contact lenses sooner than planned.

Aesthetics: Unlike LASIK or even contact lenses, glasses are a part of your appearance, and many patients find value in owning multiple pairs of glasses at once for aesthetic reasons. This cost can add up, especially with each pair averaging over $200 (according to Consumer Reports).

Prescription changes: Additionally, prescriptions change multiple times over a lifetime, meaning new glasses and contact lenses will be required to ensure you have crisp vision at all times.

Lifestyle factors: Contact lenses and eyeglasses are often not a good match with many common hobbies and activities. For example, swimming and water activities require expensive corrective lenses. On the other hand, LASIK patients can enjoy all of their most-loved activities with the ease and benefit of improved vision without the expense of special eyewear to see clearly.

Improve Your Vision at St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute

Some patients might be surprised to know that the procedure can save them money over their lifetimes. LASIK can be considered an investment in the quality of your vision. The procedure is associated with a one-time cost, but the benefits outweigh years of purchasing prescription eyewear and contact lenses. Our team of LASIK specialists can help you achieve the crisp vision you’ve always wanted. Schedule an appointment online or call our office today.

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