Cataract Surgery

While cataracts are quite common, most are also quite treatable. Ask us how we can prevent cataracts from dimming your vision.

LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery has restored clear vision to millions. Now, epi-LASIK is even more effective and safe.

Cosmetic Surgery

When planning cosmetic surgery near the eyes, your best choice is the surgeon that’s expert and experienced at providing eye surgery.


Astigmatism results from an imperfect shape in the cornea. Instead of being evenly rounded and curved, the cornea has an irregular or bulging shape.

Dry Eye Syndrome

It could happen after spending hours on the computer or after being outside in dry, hot windy weather. You might have noticed it when you were at a high altitude.


Glaucoma, a condition that damages the eye’s optic nerve, is one of the leading causes of blindness for people over age 60.

Cornea Center

Corneas can suffer damage from bacteria, parasites, fungi, blows to the eyes, excessive dryness and even disease suffered by the individual.

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