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St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute

Founded in 1961 St. Michael’s Eye and Laser Institute has provided the best eye care to patients in the Tampa Bay area by treating patients like family. Equipped with state of the art facility and technology our team is able to help treat all eye care diseases from the cornea to the retina.

Our campus also is equipped with a AAAHC Ambulatory Surgical center equipped with the latest surgical equipment which allows us to perform surgeries to eliminate patients’ needs of glasses or contacts.

Our Services

Cataract Surgery

While cataracts are quite common, most are also quite treatable. Ask us how we can prevent cataracts from dimming your vision.

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Lasik Surgery

LASIK surgery has restored clear vision to millions. Now, epi-LASIK is even more effective and safe.

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Cosmetic Surgery

When planning cosmetic surgery near the eyes, your best choice is the surgeon that’s expert and experienced at providing eye surgery.

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Our Doctors

St. Michael’s Eye & Laser Institute conducts a number of clinical studies designed to advance the field of vision care and develop new technologies and treatments.





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Meet Our Doctors


Rhonda L.

Dr. John Michaelos did my cataract surgery and now I no longer need my glasses which I have worn for more than 30 years. He has blessed me with the gift of sight!

Rhonda L.
Cataract Surgery Patient

Nicolas, F.

My wife bought me EPI-LASIK at St. Michael’s Eye and Laser for Christmas, and I now see 20/20 without my contacts which is amazing! Wonderful gift from St. Michael’s and my wife!

Nicolas, F.

Pat M.

Dr. John and wonderful staff Thank You so much for your kindness and magnificent surgery

Pat M.
Tampa, FL

Ann S.

Excellent service. Doctors and staffs are very professional,helpful and friendly. They are the only people I would trust to take care of my eyes. 5 stars! I highly recommend them!

Ann S.
Holiday, FL

Melba, S.

Dear Dr. John,’You light up my life!’ Everything is bright and beautiful and it is possible thanks to you, St. Michael’s and God. We SO much appreciate your excellence and personal care! Again thank you! With Love

Melba, S.
Clearwater, FL